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TV Actress Turns to Porn

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kelli mccarty

Back in 1991, Kelli McCarty was just a cute young woman following her dream to become Miss USA – and she did. Representing Kansas, she become the first woman to win Miss USA for her state. She continued to compete and was a finalist in the Miss Universe pageant. It doesn’t get much more American dream than that does it? Well, she kept working and following her dreams right onto television where she played Beth Wallace on the day time drama, Passions for 7 years. She had a really good run. Even after that she continued to get roles in such hit shows as Beyond the Break, Phil of the Future, Beverly Hills 90210, and Melrose Place. She did good for herself. But this girl – well, she thought to herself, I’m just not getting paid enough to fuck…

Yes, the hit mainstream actress wanted more nudity and more fucking in her roles! Who are we to complain right? So she headed off to Vivid Entertainment and said, “I want to be a porn star.” They obviously saw something in her (maybe those awesome tits or just how much she wanted to fuck on screen) and signed her to a contract and by 2009 her first hardcore film, Faithless was out and men were jerking off to her. Talk about making dreams come true!

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Rosario Dawson Naked

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Rosario Dawson

Sexy American Latina Shows All

Rosario Dawson has been heating up the screen ever since she made her first appearances. She might have been only 15 and certainly didn’t do any nude scenes when she appeared in her first movie, Kids, but everyone new from that movie that she was going to be big. And she sure was. She’s been in lots of movies and when she did her first nude scene in Spike Lee’s movie, He Got Game, people only wanted more of her! Her body is all natural with full curves and the look of sensuality that men just can’t get enough of. Even just those smouldering eyes and her full lips is enough to get the guys worked up but when she takes off her clothes she’s even more alluring.

Perhaps one of her most famous roles is that of Roxana in the 2004 movie, Alexander. She goes all out with full frontal nude scenes that really show off her gorgeous natural breasts and a shaved beaver that hints at the treasures that lie between her thighs. She plays a kick ass character, too and her nude fight scenes are enough to drive any man wild with desire! It’s a movie that no Rosario Dawson fan should miss!

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Kardashian SexTape

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The Skankiest Kardashian?

Who is the skankiest Kardashian sister? I think that every dude likely has his favorite Kardashian but there’s no doubt that the most wacked off to is likely Kim Kardashian. The girl was more than willing to give guys an excuse to stroke their meat while watching her when she got naked in front of the camera and her sex tap “accidentally” got released. I mean, they say accidentally but really – we all know that she was just looking for fame and fortune. Because she didn’t have enough money.

Now, she’s a momma but that isn’t going to stop guys from buying and watching her sex tape. I mean, the girl goes all out and exposes everything. How can that not get you hard? The girl does have a great rack and that booty is built for one thing – a lot of hardcore doggy style fucking. From her sex tape it seems like she’s in agreement with that! I don’t think that she’ll ever really get past that. No matter what she does in the future (and let’s be honest – we are not really expecting very much from her other than having another baby or two and getting divorced and making a big fuss over nothing in the media) I think that she will always be most well known for her sex tape. Which is really kind of sad because, well, one day her kids will grow up and what do you think they’ll think of that?

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Sexy Spring Break Star Ashley Benson

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ashley benson

When it comes to spring break movies you don’t want to miss Ashley Benson in the hot and exciting movie Spring Breakers. For once we get to see her naughtier side. We’re used to seeing her in Pretty Little Liars where she is definitely a teen fantasy come to life but she’s pretty much fully dressed. If you have been wishing she’d show a little more skin then you’ll love Spring Breakers because there are loads of bikini scenes in this movie where Ashley Benson is looking hotter than ever. There are definitely some sexy scene in this movie that you are not going to want to miss!

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Helena Bonham Carter Sex Scenes

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Helena Bonham Carter -sex

Who doesn’t want to see excellent nudity from start to finish? Most people, regardless of gender definitely do. They especially want to see even more nudity if it’s of someone incredibly famous and able to perform their craft without the use of clothing. Most celeb porn is fake, but with Mr. Skin, the best place for celebrity nudity anywhere, 100% of the content is as real as life itself gets! No fakes, no manipulations, just pure soft and hardcore nudity as seen in countless Hollywood and worldwide films! Come in and see just how much great sex is in store!

With this fine woman, you get Helena Bonham Carter, a cute actress with a natural and pretty figure that definitely compliments (or makes) any scene she happens to be in. With one of her movies, The Wings of the Dove (1997), you can see her beautiful, natural frame completely naked, complete with her pretty, full breasts hanging out for the world to see. Her behind is a masterpiece, in all of its curvaceous, full bodied beauty as well. It’s really a treat to see Helena naked, and with sites like Mr. Skin, you’ll never have to dig through old movies ever again.

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